The main objective of SSI is to increase the Gross Margin of our clients using sustainable and proven science and technology. The tools used to achieve this goal will evolve over time and may be different for every client. At SSI we believe that there is no one cropping system, fertility program or air drill that will work for every producer. Furthermore, we are of the belief that the precision farming tools that we have at our disposal are simply just tools that may or may not aid certain customers in improving margins.

Our job at Soil Sense is to determine which tools are required by each client to make the best possible investment of resource dollars to improve the bottom line. It is very important to start with an in depth fertility program based on the most precise soil samples available. From there we look at the sustainability of crop rotation and other farming practices. Once the crop has been planted we commit to timely crop scouting and provide recommendations on every ag input required to maximize margin.

SSI has been in business since 2004 and we maintain all of our original customers to this day. We deal with large corporate farms who are looking to maximize profits. Currently, we are one of the largest independent ag consulting firms in Western Canada providing full services on over 135,000 acres of highly productive farm land. We offer our services for a very attractive, multi year per acre fee.

If you are a progressive operation with a desire to fine tune your business please contact us.